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    I dont think the music players make use of the .jpg files in the music folders so the best practice would be to not include them in the first place. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $they$'$re$ $a$ $crappy$ $album$ $art$ $implementation$ $used$ $in$ $older$ $Windows$ $systems$.
    Pics in my Documents folder and sub folders is another thing entirely.

    Overall I hope its possible; its an invaluable bit of code.
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    Well as someone with thousands of music files on windows with art downloaded by media players (or specifically, Windows Media Player), I'm not interested in doing that. I don't want to delete it and take the time to embed art, nor is there a point since it will get re-downloaded anyway. I simply asked if it is possible with the patch.
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    Thanks for this one. It works great for hiding all those CyanogenMod Android app files from The WebOS Photo/Video app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMMan View Post
    Then in your USB drive create a file called ".nomedialist".

    Can someone help me with this patch? What type of file do I create, and where do I put it?
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    I have ACL on my TP and recently installed an app, that embeds 1000 mp3s, all of which are no songs, but encoded data.
    Of course they showed up in my mediaplayer and I remembered this patch.
    I installed it, created the .nomedialist file and entered just "/media/internal/Android" between the square brackets.
    However, even with a reboot all these mp3s are still in the index.
    Then I masked that data directionary from webOS, rebooted and unmasked it again. The indexer kicked in and re-added all mp3s as if the patch does not work.

    Am I doing sth wrong?

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