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    Hey all, been away from webOS and on android since the droid x, and just ordered a pre3 new-in-box on ebay
    back when i was rocking a pixi+, i tinkered with meta doctor and made a few boot animations and patches, and i'm wondering if it's possible to just drop modified files directly into webos doctor rather than patching after the fact? I'm guessing not since there is virtually no discussion about it, but if not, why not?
    What i want to achieve right now is to have the virtual keyboard mod built in, with modified /etc/palm/luna-platform.conf and /usr/bin/LunaSysMgr. if it can't be built in, would a shell script installer be the next best way?
    In android, you can overwrite virtually any file or group of files with an package in custom recovery; is there any equivalent to this method in webOS?
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    Its not the clear way, but YES, you can just replace original files with modified in your meta-doctor directly

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