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    Hey guys i was thinking about this.

    I have many numbers as a list that i wanted to save. I have most of the people on facebook so i just linked that number with the facebook contact.

    However when i do that it saves the number as a google contact (which i love and is what i want) BUT it saves the google contact as a number without the name.

    So when i go online into my google contacts i have a bunch of numbers who i cant match names to,

    Is there a way we can make it save the google contact WITH the name?

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    I am not sure this can be done with a patch. But you can do it manually. If a contact has more than 1 profile, edit it, tap the symbol next to the name. You should then be able to select the google icon and enter a name for the google side.
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    Oh nice i didnt know about that...too bad i have over 150 contacts and i dont know which ones are messed up =/
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    Damn, I have the same problem... Still no one able to make a patch for this? From that I heard this does not sound too complicated, but I have no practical knowledge about making patches :-(

    Just to reiterate: when you add info to a contact from a read only source, the automatically generated google account should copy the existing name

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