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    I've created a patch to make it easier to keep track of your battery usage without needing a separate app like Battery Monitor. This patch adds a number of battery usage/drain stats to the device menu as a submenu. Check out the attached screenshots.

    All the stats are recorded from the time that you remove your phone from the charger/touchstone, including:

    • How long it's been since you charged the phone
    • % battery when removed from charger
    • % drain/hour since removed from charger
    • current and recent drain rates
    • estimated battery life remaining (need to wait 5 minutes after charging to collect enough data points)
    • estimated time to charge to 100%
    • number of minutes spent with the screen on
    • number of minutes spent in voice calls

    You can cycle through the different stats by tapping on battery submenu items.

    The patch should work on 2.2.x and 2.1.x (untested). To install, use WebOSQuickInstall to apply the patch. The patch is currently incompatible with anything else that modifies the device menu, and will refuse to patch. In the future, I might take a stab at creating a version integrated with Device Menu Megamix.

    Some stats may be unavailable or inaccurate until you've used the device for a couple hours, particularly if it's near 100% charged. The stats are updated whenever webOS normally updates the battery icon, so there is no additional power cost although the stats may be less accurate right after turning on the screen.

    The stats are reset whenever you put the phone on the charger (including USB) or reboot, so if you want to write down the stats you should do so before you charge/reboot.

    Known issues:
    - Closing the device menu sometimes leaves the battery submenu half-open (also happens with other menus; probably a mojo bug).
    - Battery life estimate may need some tuning.
    - mAh capacity is estimated and may be off.

    License: MIT
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