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    This has been asked for many times and I have wanted it personally since day one with my phone. So if you are sticking with webOS 1.4.5 for the time being, this patch may interest you.

    The Screenlock Wallpaper patch does what it says: sets your current wallpaper as the Screenlock (pin or pswd) background.

    There are a couple caveats:
    [1] This *ONLY* works with the wallpapers set by the Palm Photos app. The wallpaper is pulled from /media/internal/.wallpapers/wallpaper-temp.jpg (note the period before the wallpaper directory)

    [2] This will *NOT* work with any wallpaper-changing app wallpapers as far as I know. The Screenlock background will not pick up those wallpapers (unless they use wallpaper-temp.jpg).

    [3] A newly changed wallpaper will not show up until after a Luna Reset has been completed.

    This is my first patch, but don't let that scare you away. It is built on the shoulders of a patching legend, warlord9159 (thx btw).

    So enjoy! I am submitting it to Preware as well. Look for it soon.

    Update: Added a second patch. This one lets you set a scrim for the Screenlock. Name the image Screenlock-scrim.jpg and save it to /media/internal/.scrims/

    Here are some screenies...
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    Ha! Still kicking it old school with a Sprint Pre on a slick patched-out webOS 1.4.5. Long Live Palm!
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    Thanks for the patch, dude.
    Still rocking my Palm pre...
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    Thank you very much for the patch. And thank you very much for the psot "". Based on that, I found in my pixi+ 1.45ROM we can use any backgroup we like just named one picture as "backdrop-firstuse.png"(of course should be the same size as the original one) and replace the usr/palm/applications/ and usr/palm/applications/ and usr/palm/applications/, then luna restart.
    Enjoy your pin wallpaper!!

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