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    Hello. I am new to webOS patch creation and I have created a patch that will change the top bar (the area with the network name, bars, ect.) purple. I used Jason's Unified Diff Creator to create the patch. I used webOSQI to install it, first on the emulator and then on an actual device.Both the emulator and the device were running 1.4.5. The Emulator worked fine, but the device keeps giving me an error message. If anyone could assist me that would be great!
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    Did you edit the original file on either the emulator or the phone first?

    If you edited a file on say the phone and it is not working correctly installing the patch but installing on the fresh emulator works correctly and installs, then you most likely changed something on the phone. You would want to replace that altered file on the phone back with an original un-altered file in its place.

    Usually that is the case if it installed correctly on one device verses the other.

    A good note for working on patches, always save your original file before opening or changing the file.
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    Thanks for replying so quickly. I think I get what your saying and I will try that and report back later.
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