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    I've recently submitted patches for Pre 3 (2.2.4) and TP (3.0.5) to this extent.

    Seems to me this functionality wasn't included because GTalk doesn't support it.
    "Seems" because I'm certainly no expert.

    2.2.4 patch was fairly obvious.
    On 3.0.5 it seems 'invisibility support' for the GTalk is first checked so I commented that out as well.
    Btw: the 3.0.5 patch hasn't been approved yet.

    Haven't checked any other IM accounts.
    If anyone sees room for improvement, feel free
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    Lookin 4ward to TP 3.0.5 Skype 'Invisibility' patch.. Big "Thank you!"

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    My friend and I was just wanting invisible status while we skyped with the Touchpad. This is gonna be a very useful patch. Thanks so much!

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    does it actually render you invisible, or just set your status to read Invisible ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblade View Post
    does it actually render you invisible
    You do know that's only true in movies, don't you?

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