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    My old Nokia used to have 'cell info display' where it'd show the name / suburb of the tower I was connected to. My Pre 3 (and that of several others on Telstra in Australia) is restarting several times a day and we're thinking it could be related to switching between certain towers. It would be really helpful to be able to see what tower I'm on when it happens (or even be able to choose which tower to switch to but that might be asking a bit much!).

    Is there an app / patch out there that at least offers that basic functionality? If other devices can retrieve it that info must be being transmitted if it can just be retrieved?
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    Go to the Dialer application and enter ##DEBUG# to display technical information about your closest cell tower and signal strength
    This could be #*DEBUG# on your device.
    I'm getting a USSD request failed though.
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