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    I spent a little time to get a find in page patch for webos 2.2.4. I know sticking this code into a html page works fine:

    <DT><A HREF="javascript:void%28s%3Dprompt%28%27Find%20text%3A%27%2C%27%27%29%29%3Bs%3D%27%28%27+s+%27%29%27 %3Bx%3Dnew%20RegExp%28s%2C%27gi%27%29%3Brn%3DMath.floor%28Math.random%28%29*100%29%3Brid%3D%27z%27%2 0+%20rn%3Bb%20%3D%20document.body.innerHTML%3Bb%3Db.replace%28x%2C%27%3Cspan%20name%3D%27%20+%20rid% 20+%20%27%20id%3D%27%20+%20rid%20+%20%27%20style%3D%5C%27color%3A%23000%3Bbackground-color%3Ayellow%3B%20font-weight%3Abold%3B%5C%27%3E%241%3C/span%3E%27%29%3Bvoid%28document.body.innerHTML%3Db%29%3Balert%28%27Found%20%27%20+%20document.getEle mentsByName%28rid%29.length%20+%20%27%20matches.%27%29%3Bwindow.scrollTo%280%2Cdocument.getElementsB yName%28rid%29%5B0%5D.offsetTop%29%3B" >Find in this page</A>

    So, I tried to see if I can stick this code somewhere in the browser codebase to see if I can get the correct link. I stuck it in the page-scene.html file. The patch I created is below.

    After installing the patch, I can see a link at the end of every page that I visit. However, clicking the "Find In this Page" link hangs the browser.

    Any ideas on what I can do next?

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