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    Hello everyone,

    I'm a new Palm Pixi Plus user and new to the board. I could not find a solution to the following problem:

    After installing and uninstalling some Preware patches which affect the topbar, my device menu stopped working properly. The menu will still show up but does not respond when I want to toggle bluetooth, wifi or airplane mode.

    I remember one patch gave me an error message while uninstalling, but succeeded the second time. I guess this issue could be a reason for my problems?

    This is what I've done so far to solve the problem:
    *restarted luna
    *rebooted the device several times
    *uninstalled all patches and rebooted
    *hard reset with my palm profile
    *hard reset with a completely new palm profile
    *... and ota update to 1.4.5

    The problem still persists and I wonder how this is possible?!? Shouldn't a hard reset revert everything to factory settings? Apparently patches affect the rom? The device menu used to work before I tested the patches...

    I hope someone can help... thx
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    Here is what I did to solve the problem:

    I reinstalled every patch I had tested before and removed them altogether with "Emergency Patch Recovery". Still I do not have a clue which patch has caused the problem But the device menu is working again

    Can anyone tell me, how I can repair broken files by hand? In which directories are they installed or where can I access the source files? Why didn't a hard reset delete everything - doesn't it revert the files to factory settings?

    Since I'm new to webos I lack some advanced knowledge about preware etc... Maybe someone has some good links for me to read - I couldn't find that much about this topic. Probably searched for the wrong terms... ^^

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