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    Does anyone know if it's possible to make a patch to override the EAS setting when using Hotmail Exchange that forces the emails to render as text and allow them to instead render as HTML?
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    I would love to see this patch too. Here is a work around I devised in the meantime.

    Here's my solution I use on my TouchPad. Hotmail is my primary email, I use it everyday with great success.

    The Exchange protocol with Hotmail does not pass HTML correctly, use POP plus these two options turned on:

    - Delete email from the server when deleted on device
    - Deleted email on device when deleted on from the server.

    This will keep the email in sync just like exchange plus HTML will now work.

    To get the contacts & calender to sync, add a 2nd account for Hotmail using the Exchange protocol but have it sync the contacts and calendar only.

    Now you have a setup that mirrors the functionality of Exchange on your TouchPad.

    I do have two minor glitches:

    - Every so often my TouchPad will get a login error notification. This is solved by tapping the notification and re-typing my password. I'm convinced that this is a webOS glitch as I experience it randomly with other email providers also.

    - When I delete emails on the TouchPad they correctly delete on the server, but they delete as unread. This causes the deleted folder to show the number of messages in parenthesis i.e. (12).

    Just to add, you may or may not have to turn on the option on the Homail side that says do what my other program says, if it says to delete a message, then delete it. Mine is currently set to on.
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    That is a usable solution for someone experiencing those particular problems. Personally, my problem is that POP doesn't interact with the server folders. I use on server filters to sort into those folders out of the Inbox for organizing emails.

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