I'm using a pay-as-you-go plan (H2O Wireless, a GSM MVNO under AT&T) on my Veer, and I'm extremely annoyed by the constant USSD messages I get for every incoming and outgoing call and SMS, stating my balance and expiration date.

I wish there was a filter that would make the phone ignore messages that match a certain text pattern, so that I can still get balance info when I explicitly request them. Better yet would be if the filter could ignore messages if the balance is over a certain amount or the expiration date is more than a certain number of days away.

If a configurable patch is hard to make, then one that uses a fixed pattern would still be very useful. The messages usually contain "The last transaction" etc. Maybe even one that blocks all USSD messages would be better than what I have now, since I can always check my balance online.

I might be able to develop this myself, if someone can point me in the right direction. I've looked around in the phone handler jsjsjs $scripts$, $but$ $haven$'$t$ $found$ $a$ $good$ $place$ $to$ $inject$ $this$ $code$ $yet$.