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    I wish to use this app, but it is not looking up numbers for the countries I get calls from. My primary need is for Norway so I have collected some possible sites, not knowing if you do the number searches through known API's or by proxy screening or whatever it is called.

    Here are some possible sites that offer number search:

    Simple search is available from here however the country prefixing has to be removed before performing the search in their search engine
    or mobile

    another option is one that do allow search with country prefix, both 0047 and +47 though not showing the plus sign in search result.. or
    or mobile site

    Last and maybe best in regards to international number format is this one which preserves international prefix both with plus or double zero. or
    or mobile site

    I have not found any API for these phone number search engines so I guess it is a matter of analysing output when from search querry to see if it can be implemented. There are several others but they all does not permit international format when searching so it would not make much sense adding them unless the three above proves unsuccessful.

    Thanks for considering additional countries.
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    Removing the country prefix or replace +47 with 0047 is easy. Most other sites require this too.

    Do you have numbers landline/mobile which are resolveable? PN is okay.
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    Okay try this one

    Remove the old patch before you install this one.

    Maybe Herrie could bring this in sync with the webosinternals feed.
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    Some little changes in german localization from nichtwirklich

    -added utf8 coded Umlaute
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