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    Hello my fellow Pre owners.

    This is my first post on this website.

    I have had my Pre phone since the beginning with sprint. I just cannot leave with out it.

    What I like the most about this phone is the existence of the hombrew community and the availability of numerous patches and applications that help us customize our phones. I will like to take the opportunity to thank the hombrew community for an incredible job.

    Now here is my request for patch:

    Do to my work I travel by car very often thru the United States. Usually I do it at night and my Pre is my only companion. I use it to play audio books, music, Pandora, navigation, research tool, trapster, etc.

    The only thing that usually bothers me on long trips is that there is no option for night map on Sprint Navigation. I set my brightness to almost 0% and still the back light with an almost bright white map bothers my peripheral vision.

    Can someone make a patch to change the maps colors to darker ones for night use? or If this exist and I have not founded can some one point it out to me?

    I will love to help but I just don't have the ability of developing such a patch.

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    What version of webOS do you have on your Pre? I might be able to have a look at the webOS Docor to see if I can patch it quickly. It's probably just HTML or CSS that needs to be adjusted slightly

    Can you post some screenshots as well (SYM+P button) since I don't have a Pre myself?

    I suspect it might be in the following file:


    I see the following bits and pieces that might qualify:

    #main-navigation {
    background-color: #555;
    color: white;

    z-index: 50;
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    I have webOS 1.4.5

    Thank you so much! I knew it might be something simple.

    I located already the file that you mention with internalz Pro.

    How can I change it to a dark gray 'ish color?
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    Yeah you can use Internalz Pro to modify the file

    The names for the colors are here:

    CSS Color Names

    You could use names DarkGrey or DarkGray I guess instead of white.

    Alternatively you could play with the background-color code as well

    Just make sure to make a backup of the file before editing

    P.s. You might need to do a Luna or Phone restart before the change is showing!
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    I tried to modify the background unsuccessfully

    Now I think is not that simple. Probably the map colors are handle from the map source on the internet.

    Maybe the solutions is to put like a smoke overlay on top of the app to lower the brightness even more.

    What do you think?

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