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    Don't Know to make patches yet, so you'll have to do this manually if you want.

    FILE : /usr/palm/applications/

    WHERE : Search for "" (without quotes) in the file.

    EDIT : Delete everything after the equal to (=) sign, it says something like payload***CARRIER"]....Now Write $L("Example") there, replace example with your custom text.

    in NETWORK Section->The Gray Text That Says Verizon Wireless, or Any other Carrier:
    FILE : /usr/palm/applications/

    WHERE : Search for "networknamerow" (without quotes) and delete the whole word that says -> name: "networknamerow", including name:****row"

    EDIT : Now put this in the above empty space you made, content: "Example Network"
    In Short, Replace name with content and networknamerow with your custom name.

    You can use custom names in place of EXAMPLE word in above cases.
    Reboot Before you Check !!!

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