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    I do have some ideas for enhancing the exhibition mode, as it does not really meet my needs. tell me how you think about it, or even better, place an attachment called "*.patch" right here

    1. as already mentionend here, the app which is set for standard use by exhibition mode is reset to "clock" any time the device reboots. Iīd like to have a place somewhere where I can set an app as "sticky", i.e. as the standard exhibition app. I know christmas is over, but then again, as Iīm writing this, I come to think that setting the exhibition-mode-app trough ModeSwitcher would be even nicer - one could set his alarm clock for nighttime, and AgendaZ during the day ... <dream>

    2. when placed on a TS, the Pre will turn on exhibition mode and ignore screen settings (like brightness and auto-off). thatīs a hassle. furthermore, there are applications (like "TimePiece") which look a lot better in fullscreen-mode than they do in exhibition-mode, since the latter draws the status top bar in plain white.

    So, wouldnīt it be nice to tell the Pre to obey screen-auto-off settings even when in exhibition mode on a TS, OR tell it not to turn on exhibition mode at all, in fact disabling it (since one starts i.e. TimePiece instead). If a patch enabled that, one could set a standard fullscreen-app through ModeSwitcher as proposed above ...

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    I'd like to add another one:

    When turning the Pre on anytime will bring you to Exhibition Mode rather than the typical unlock screen. When the Pre turns off however screen goes black to save battery.

    Why just have Exhibition on the Touchstone? It would be sweet to have a Widget Exhibition app with Twitter, Weather, Facebook etc that would show everytime you turn the Pre on.
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    What puzzles me is why the Exhibition settings cannot be accessed when you are in Exhibition mode. If an Exhibition app is not available, you have to leave Exhibition mode, go to the Exhibition settings app, and select it there.

    An easy solution would be to make the Exhibition settings app Exhibition-enabled, so it was available for selection in Exhibition mode....
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    All of Exhibition is closed source.

    No patch, ever, until webOS is open sourced.

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