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    Here are some patches I think the flash player needs

    - Quality button (could be placed with fullscreen button)
    - Remove cursor reset

    This one ishard toexplain but bring up any flash media that has a custom cursor and you will'notice that its position will reset to the top left corner after a short period of time
    this can mess up some flash games.

    - hover

    I dont know if this would work but if the touchscreen point has a coverage value maby if it is tiny it does not call a mouse down event but rather just moves the virtual cursor so very light touch on the screen will not register as a press for example.

    - Auto full screen on focus

    So far I have never just focused on a flash item but always put in full screen
    So double click should go strait to fullscreen (quality button will have to be elsewhere)

    - Full screen border trim
    i have noticed manly with flash games that unwanted borders with extra graphics that ruin the appearance of the game so something to hide excess space would be great

    thankyou for reading

    what do you think?
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    by the way
    I want to be able to help myself so does anyone know how to make patches?
    I have knoledge in programming and have touched on hex editing before
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    We have a new App out this week called FlashFile Launcher. It will take care of your #4 issue. As far as your second post goes, I think the functionality you are requesting is beyond "A Patch". You might want to look into going the App development route.

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