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    Quote Originally Posted by pretoo View Post
    If I need to track down <app-id> I have to go to

    2.What if there's no 'depends.jsjsjs' $or$ '$index$.$html$' $file$?

    I was trying to make SYM Key work for 'Picsel Smart Office' as alternate characters are crucial in my native lenguage.
    1. you are right, was written in a hurry - corrected path in posting.

    2. you are right PDK apps are native code no JSJSJS $script$ $patching$ $possible$, $i$ $think$.
    And this code is only for ENYO apps and is also not needed for older style MOJO apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    Sweet, thx pcworld. Hope ya don't mind if I add this to an upcoming build of webOSExt
    The reason I didn't specify an explicit license is that I based this hack on yeye77's code, so if (s)he releases his/her code snippet as public domain or something, I'll gladly do the same
    Apps (they're all free now): Explorer for Dropbox – a Dropbox app for webOS that actually works (TP+phones), 3-panel-interface
    File Explorer – fast and simple file manager (root support on webOS 3)
    QuickChat for Facebook – real-time Facebook chat (broken)
    Archive Manager – extract and create archives (zip, rar, 7z, …)
    FTPit! – full-featured FTP client for webOS
    e-mail (contact, support) – if you like what I'm doing, feel free to (alternatively in USD)
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    Now integrated into the new
    Which is a selection of enyo2 kinds to restore functionality missing from enyo1

    Unified from webos-ports-lib, webOS-Ext & enyo1-to-enyo2 kinds by ShiftyAxel, Jason Robitaille and Arthur Thornton
    thx guys
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcworld View Post
    I've been using this hack for 9 months now in my app QuickChat.
    Well... I really have this problem today only in QuickChat, but I cannot understand nothing until here... :P

    So... This hack is working to any apps or not? And if is working, there is no chance to Pcworld add this to QuickChat?

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    This patch has to be done for every app itself, but as pcworld wrote it should long be integrated in quickchat.
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