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    Hi - so I got my "new" refurb pre (6th Pre YAY!) recently. It seems WOSQI has changed? I'm looking for squarify screen but can't find it anywhere. It used to be a checkbox in one of the tabs... I'm sure I'm not looking hard enough. Please help! Thanks.
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    Its not there. You can just replace the images.. I'll grab em in a few

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    Look in:

    Blank these images using an image editing program:
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    I think I'll wait for the replacement images (sounds easier if that's okay.
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    There they are. Use internalz to copy them to
    /usr/palm/sysmgr/images and "yes" to overwrite, restart Luna & you're good to go.
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    It's still in the older versions of Quick Install. I used 3.14 to instability it today...
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