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    I am offering a $20 bounty for the creation of a patch that will allow the Email App to work with ProxySwitch. Currently when a proxy is active the Email app cannot connect to any mail accounts and reports that there is no internet connection.
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    Ok, hopefully got someones attention - am thinking of investing in a developer who can produce the following....

    Homebrew modification for the stock webos 2.2.4(pre3)/3.0.04(TP)/1.4.5(Pre) that provides the following :

    1. Browser menu option to configure WebProxy settings
    2. WebProxy settings to allow, Proxy IP/NAME, Port
    3. WebProxy Logon/Password & Exceptions fields
    4. WebProxy '.pac' file support
    5. Check Box for 'System Wide' feature, to allow other installed apps (e.g. email) to use the proxy (enabled = use proxy for all network, disabled = use proxy for browsing only)

    So, Any takers? Or can an experienced developer confirm that this is not yet possible?

    If it is possible, then let me know in this thread if your up for it, and how much cash you need to make this happen.

    Since I am skint, the offer of money will be small, however if your reading this and want to contribute, add a comment to this thread saying you would pay a donation to see this happen - between us I hope someone will come up with a robust patch that will enable full desktop like proxy functionality for our webos devices used in the workplace & schools!

    The current two proxy patches don't seem to work (proxyswitch & Proxy Set Basic), at least on my TP for a site that needs proxy.pac & user authentication (via web page).


    p.s. if I get the desired responses here, then I will sort out some way of collaborating online, and getting thisproject happening (if needed).

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