I am looking for the equivalent of "/usr/palm/applications/com.palm.app.phone/app/models/TelephonyEventListener.jsjsjs&$quot$; $on$ $the$ $Pre$ $3$! $Does$ $anyone$ $know$ $where$ $to$ $start$ $an$ $action$, $when$ $a$ $call$ $comes$ $in$?

Background: I want the Pre³ to send a message to the SE MBW-150 BT watch, if a call comes in. Henk Jonas (metaview) is working on an app for the watch, that I use within the patch. The BT communication of the watch is not documented in any way, thus its probably not easy and a lot of trial-and-error for Henk to find out how to implement. It is very early state. Thus please don't ask Henk for ipks. I guess Henk will let the community know, when and where (Catalog, Preware, Free, Paid?) it is available.

I am currently working on patches for the watch. For the Pre 2 I use TelephonyEventListener.jsjsjs $to$ $trigger$ $Henks$ $app$ $and$ $let$ $the$ $watch$ $show$ $the$ $icon$ $for$ $incoming$ $call$. $SMS$/$Message$ $icon$ $works$ $for$ $Pre$² $and$ $Pre$³ $already$. $But$ $the$ $Pre$³'$s$ $phone$ $app$ $is$ $Enyo$ $and$ $thus$ $there$ $is$ $a$ $totally$ $different$ $structure$.

I (and some others) did mail the developer of the Android App for the Watch, asking for support of Henks work. Unfortunately without response. I even wrote "It was all your work finding out the means of communication. If you don't want to help, just tell us, and we won't bother again."

Maybe he will answer, if some others ask too i.e. in his forum:

MBW-150 on WebOS?

Thanks for any hint!

P.S.: That's the watch: Leaving Facebook... | Facebook