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    Hello all, yet another patch from me. This time: Mojo Speedy Switch.
    This patch eliminates the 500ms delay between entering/leaving an app and the App Menu in the top left changing. Consequently it stops apps reopening if you accidentally tap their App Menu after closing them.

    Available for webOS 1.4.5, 2.1 and 2.2. 3.0 has an animated transition and therefore doesn't require this.

    Submitted to Preware, will update here when it's up.

    Also if any other developers with more intimate knowledge of sysmgr/mojo would like to help with the next version of this patch, please PM me. I want to have the application usable as soon as it's tapped (during the animation preferably, if not I'd just like to remove the short delay between the card going fullscreen and it accepting input.)
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    Installed. I noticed the difference.... nice!
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    Same question as in one of your other threads, wil this be coming to Preware for 2.1?

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    Edit: awesome patch, the phone should have come this way
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