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    basically would like to a start up(mostly) sound for when the phone boots up

    in my early pre - days, phone would randomly reboot or it would freeze and we all know how long it takes for it to boot up, so basically instead of staring at the screen for 2 minutes or checking it every so often a startup/boot sound would be awesome

    kinda like the touchpad "ready" or "booted up" sound that the primary and a shutdown/restart(shut down) sound would help as well so you know with out looking whats going on.

    the phone will chime while booting if you have received a text/message before fully booting up/usefulness, so it seems possible i think,
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    Try looking in the /usr/palm/sounds/ folder. Boot and shutdown mp3s are located there in 3.04. If not there you can always try adding them.

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    i need this for a pre - which doesnt have 3.04
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    Try looking in that folder anyway?

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