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    Hello again, I'm continuing my quest to improve the webOS UX. This time I bring you Mojo Flick Regulator!
    Has anyone noticed how the webOS Browser on the Pre (don't worry, it works on Touchpad too) seems to have much more manageable flick scrolling than every other Mojo app?
    This is because the Browser has an exception in Mojo's settings, and it's Flick Ratio is set to 0.3, whereas all other Mojo apps are set to 0.5 by default (way too much imo.)

    Mojo Flick Regulator sets both the Browser and Default ratios to 0.3, resulting in a more manageable, unified experience. Enjoy!

    (Patch has been submitted to Preware, will update here when it's up.)
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    webOS Ports' UI Architect & luna-sysmgr guru.
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    I somehow ended up w/ two versions of this patch installed on a Pre 3. They were:

    v2.2.0-1, updated 11/22/11, 32 bytes, maintainer Unknown; ID: ca.canucksoftwre..., category: WOSQI


    v2.2.0-83, updated 11/27/11, 482 b, maintainer: ShiftyAxel, ID: org.webosinternals..., category: Mojo

    Dont know how it happened and I didnt notice any weird behavior, but I removed the first. Just a heads up to fellow patch reaks.

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