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    Help! Can anyone tell me what happened to several of the older patches from Preware that seem to be missing, but that are still applicable for the current version of WebOS 1.4.5? At 1st glance it looks like they're still there, because the patch titles are, but now they're only available for other WebOS versions, or in a mix, & niether is compatible w/ my current set up. I've searched the forums, but no luck. :'( So...anyone out there wanna help a girl out w/ a copy of the awesome webOS 1.4.5 'disable browser refresh' patch? Or if not, maybe just point me in the right direction to find it? It would be really appreciated! :-D
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    I agree with this. We need this patch on 1.4.5 and it is not available in Preware. My phone does not run properly without it (while using multiple browser cards.) This is more important than overclocking imo while using multiple browser cards. And apparently it's an easy patch.

    I found the 1.4.5 patch thread . I never have any luck installing patches that are not in Preware anymore though; they always fail.

    So can we get this back in Preware please? Thanks

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