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    Hey friends.

    I have been searching for a patch like this through the board but could not find one.

    Its appears that sometimes I mistakenly press the "delete" button when Im reading an email. But it will delete the mail right away without asking me for a confirmation.

    There was a patch for the "delete email when swiping in email-list view" but since this is build in webos now, the patch is obsolete. But I want the exakt same thing for the reading-email-view.

    Is this possible, and if a patch like this exists then feel free to delete this thread :-)

    Thanks guys!
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    Do I understand it right: You want to be asked for deletion when pressing the waste can icon? Iíve always been asked when doing so Ö

    Check if the deletion approval is set to ON in the preferences. When turning it to OFF, it affects both, the list view swipe and the can icon.

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