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    Probably everyone has seen that googlemaps no longer works with a message 'Please download the new maps...'

    I've come up with a pretty easy fix to this. Dunno how it will turn out.
    In the google maps app, change the following:
    line 3
    AppAssistant.googleMapsURL = "";
    change to
    AppAssistant.googleMapsURL = "";

    Now the maps app will have a new UI + launch a bit faster. But it seems to work
    Maybe someone could create a patch as well as fixing non-scrollable lists when doing a search.
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    I can make a patch of this later for 2.1.0

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    Thanks, I think you're on to something but on my 1.4.5 Sprint Pre it brought up the new UI but couldn't locate me. Then after full restart I keep getting 'requires internet connection...' message. Maybe a good start though!
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    The GPS didn't works fine!!! But we have Google Maps again!!! Thanks dude!!!
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