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    I'm a Adobe flash developer and I'm confused that flash on TP support only in browser. I have some problem with this:

    1) the navigation bar is visible
    2) scroll mouse gestures is annoying
    3) need to double click for activate flash player

    is any chance to do patch,which recognize for example special html tag, and fix browser in that case?

    Also may be very usefully "add to launcher" function from html or JavaScript.

    This patch will give a wave to create a free flash app portals, with games like "kingdom rush"

    ps. Sorry for my bad English. I'm waiting your response.
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    I see only one disadvantage of this type of apps: you need a connection to the internet
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    I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to point out. If you're referring to not being able to use Flash in a regular application, it's because Flash runs inside the BrowserServer and if it were allowed to run from a file:// URL, then it would have access to all of your files, which is not allowed.

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    No, all applications will be in the internet ( for example Chess) I want to hide navigation bar and disable all scrolls gestures in browser if in source code of Chess.html will be a special tag). Right now, buttons doesn't work yet. And mouse response is bad until you double tap on flash.
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    I have found a solve How we can disable scrolls on page and activate flash without double tap.

    You need to add <meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no" /> in header of your html page.

    Is any idea how we can hide navigation bar?
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    You can play flash games full screen with no scrolling today on the TP.

    Disable Scrolling - Double Tap (already discussed)
    Go Full Screen - Touch in same spot for 3-4 seconds. Option bar pops up allowing you to pick full screen or cancel.

    Also, I have shortcuts for all my flash games added to my "Games" launcher tab using the "Shortcut Launcher" app. (Self Serving Plug)

    Here's the screen shots of going full screen with game.

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