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    I would love it if the virtual keyboard on my touchpad had Tab on top and Shift underneath, you know, like on a real keyboard. I haven't seen a patch like this and I'm sort of surprised; I constantly hit the wrong one when speed typing because it just feels more natural the way HP didn't do it. Can anyone do this?

    please let me know. I have other ideas on ways to improve the keyboard (imo at least) but I'll save them for another thread.
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    anyone know if this is possible? I wish I knew how to write patches I'd attempt it myself.
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    I am not sure but I guess the virtual keyboard in the TouchPad is not implemented in html/javascript. Atleast that's the case with the Pre3 virtual kb. Assuming my guess is correct, creating a patch for it without having the source code is not possible for most of us patch writers, unless you can get down to disassembly and stuff.

    But it might be worth PMing the person who helped stabilize the vkb on 2.x devices and ask if he might be willing to help.
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    that's a good idea, thanks

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