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    Is there a way to patch the App Catalog to work with PayPal?

    Here's my story:

    I wanted to purchase an app (~3,50Euro/3GBP). Why not? Good app, cheep, support the devoloper by not-being-a-pirate, support webOS community (devs that are still with us).

    I've activated my Pre3 with Impostah just to be able to buy some non-free apps.

    I have singed-up to (PrePaid Virtual Credit/Debit Card supplier)becouse I don't have (and don't want to)a Credit Card.

    BUT: to buy an app that cost 3GBP I have to pay about 25-30GBP (for transfer from my bank to Wirecard account)+3GBP (for an app).

    Maybe my bank is a rip-off, but I don't expect that any other bank in my country would charge less for international transfer [yeah, international. The only way to enter the IBAN (International Bank Account Number)].

    Is there a way to buy apps like... ekhem... like we should be able to? Internationally, without ripping ourself without a purpose? webOS is actually a web OS, isn't it?
    You know what my piont is, right?

    Online App Catalog shouldn't be just server based warehouse/depot/repository but ALSO a way to make web based purchase (what PayPal stand for).
    So far HP forces us to take a bow and being ***ked or ripped.

    Just my thoughts.


    I'm not in the way to become a pirate (the one that rips-off other people) yet.
    But when comes to a choise: being ripped or ripping the others what would you choose?

    Pre3 (UK, QWERTY, Unlocked)
    webOS 2.2.4 (Build 3175), with UberKernel
    UK App Catalog via Impostah
    Orange [PL]
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    I don't think this is do-able. I assume the whole transaction logic does not reside on your phone but on the HP/Palm servers. Nothing patchable...

    The easier solution really is to get yourself a credit card after all...

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