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    Hello all,

    I recently purchased an AT&T Pre3 along with the requisite AT&T service. I then ported my old Sprint Cell Number over to Google Voice with the intent of forwarding all calls to the AT&T number.

    I'm loving the setup except for one thing. When I call from my AT&T phone the Caller ID shows my new (and unknown) AT&T number and I'm known as "Wireless Caller".

    I can block the caller ID from the phone but this is useless as no one in my line of work picks up when "Private Caller" calls them, let alone "Wireless Caller".

    Is there a way to modify what is displayed in the Caller ID from the phone? I would pay for a patch that allows me to do this.

    Thanks, Davide-NYC.
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    Is there a technical reason that this doesn't seem to exist?
    Is it a legal reason?

    I would think that I wouldn't be the only person asking for this.
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    What do you want it to display? Is outbound called ID not controllable by your carrier if you request them to have it display as something?
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    I want to display my Google Voice number rather than my cell number.

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