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    Searched and couldn't find a solution.

    I used the heck out of the White Pages app on my Pre Plus and particularly liked the reverse lookup feature integrated with the phone call log for unknown numbers. Imagine my disappointment to look for White Pages in the HP app catalog and in Preware on my Pre 3 and not finding it

    Someone elsewhere on here said that the problem may be that AT&T packaged Yellow Pages into the bloatware on their branded phone (the one I bought). I'm hoping that it is possible to have a patch created that shuts off YP and allows the Pre 3 to see and install WP (similar to how Freetether overides Mobile Hot Spot).

    Any of you bright folks out there interested? I'd be willing to pay a reasonable price for it.

    Thanks in advance!
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    You couldn't find the right version in WP library at Mobile & Add-ons | WhitePages

    Find numbers with reverse phone lookup.
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    Yes. Does not work on the Pre 3. You get this message when you try to access the WebOS version via WP and it redirects; it asks for your phone number and sends you a text message with a link that launches the HP App Catalog then says:

    "This application is not available for your model"

    We need a workaround.
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    Seriously!?! There are no other new Pre 3 owners who like White Pages? Wow, that's depressing
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    I also hope it can be fixed and made available for the pre3. Wonderful app
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    Didn't I half-finish the patch for this ages ago? Before the original author came along and said he needed to make it official and to not release it?
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