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    Possible n00b question here.

    I've seen the hack / patch to change the user agent reported by the browser to change the way web sites render. Is this a universal user agent string? Meaning, is this user agent string that's being modified specific to the browser, or is it reported elsewhere? (what I've read seems to suggest that the "user agent" string in question is specific to what a browser is reporting to sites it visits).

    I ask because I'm using a Pre 3 on T-Mobile, and currently, if T-Mobile doesn't have a phone listed in their system, it will default to reducing the size of images received via MMS-- images end up looking blurry because of the low resolution. (I've seen other threads where this is happening to Pre 2 users on T-Mobile as well).

    For example, this thread on Android Central talks about how new Android phones have this problem of low-res incoming MMS until T-Mobile adds the phone to their system. The way around it is to change what user-agent the MMS app reports.

    IF the browser user agent is different than / unrelated to / not connected to the MMS user agent-- does anyone have any ideas on how to spoof an MMS user agent so that incoming messages aren't downsized?
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