Hello all,

I am suggesting a patch that would mimic a functionality that I loved on my Nokia e63.

When your phone (in my case a Pre3 [UK] 2.2, Build 3171) is closed and you get an incoming call, you will see the avatar (if applicable), the originating phone number and the "drag to answer" green dot.

I'd like to see at least 2 additional options next to the green dot:

1) A red dot that sends the call directly to VM, and
2) Another dot that 2.1) terminates the call and 2.2) sends the caller a predefined SMS (e.g. "I am on a call. I will call you later").

This Symbian functionality was really useful. Today, you can only send the call to VM via the double tap on power or by tapping the red dot when your phone is open.