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    So I installed bing maps only to discover public transportion doesn't work in my city. Can you some figure out a way to add the Google map to preware in a way thay lets me have both? I hardly ever take the bus... But it would be nice to have the option.

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    only if you can obtain the right to distribute the software.

    more likely is to find the previous version of the doctor and extract it from that. I have noooo idea how to do that.
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    A patch should allow you to install the new Bing Map app without overwriting Google Map. However, in your case, it's already overwritten so you will need to get it from a WebOS Doctor and rename the app's id and install using webosquickinstall.


    Note, for those who already updated to HP's Map application powered by Microsoft's Bing, this patch is useless as it will not bring back Google maps app and should be not installed as it will prevent future update notifications of Bing map.
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