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    At home I have a router/modem downstairs and separate, UTP5 cabled to this router, wireless access point upstairs, both using different IP addresses and channels.. The Pre3 apparently has a hard time automaticly switching connections when I go upstairs or downstairs. I tried changing channels, but that didn't help either. Sometimes if I try to connect manually I get a 'connection failed' error, even when I sit next to the access point. I never had this issue with my Pre Classic before and the network didn't change since I have the Pre3..
    So I blame it on a buggy wifi driver in the Pre3... Can somebody patch this? Thanks a lot..
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    While patches can be versatile, modifying the drivers can't happen since they are binaries.

    I would keep trying to configure your routers and AP settings. You could try manually assign IP address to the Pre3 to the same IP for both the router and AP.

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    is the original AP still in range when you go upstairs? I don't see why the pre3 would change networks if the one it's on already is in range still.

    For me, I have 1 wifi network at home and another one at work, I live about 0.4 miles from work, so I walk to work, the pre3 disconnects from home once I am out of range, and when I get in range to work it connects to it automatically, and even vibrates in my pocket because there is a captive portal at work, often time mistake it for someone calling me.

    So wifi changing works fine for me!
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    I have upstairs and downstairs APs in my home as well. They use the same SSID and my Pre3 has no problem jumping between them.
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