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    I know there are a few threads about the PIN bypass but non were productive or helpful so I am starting one specific to my issue.

    VZW Pre+ WebOS 2.1
    UK Screenstate 500/1000
    Exchange PIN Policy
    Bypass PIN v2.1.0-15


    When using the PIN Bypass patch the phone will often become stuck at the cloud screen. This screen is the background for the PIN screen. Sometimes the screen only hangs for a moment other times it will hang forever. The only solution I know if is to pull the battery.

    The PIN screen without the patch seems to hang at times but I have not had it hang forever like it does with the patch. Yet.

    For now I removed the patch.

    Is anyone else having this issue?
    Is there a solution?
    Is there a known reason why this happens?

    Please do not tell me that bypassing the PIN defeats the Exchange policy, it is not productive to the thread. I am in the IT department who pushes the Exchange PIN policy so I know the risks.

    Thank you.
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    Even with out the Patch the phone is almost guaranteed to lock on the cloud screen when removing the phone from the TS when there is a call.
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    I have the same problem on my Veer. Seems to be usually when it's on the TS charger and I take it from there

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