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    I was going to try and create a patch to enable a shuffle function when viewing photos in exhibition mode, when I had found that HP had already started on it but had commented it out. The code is in the file: /usr/palm/applications/

    So I created a patch that re-enabled the function and installed it on my TouchPad, it kind of works but it starts to go back in order after a while. The amount of photos that it takes before it stops shuffling seems to relate to how many photos had already passed before I pushed the shuffle button (although I'm not 100% on this).

    I think the problem may lie in this file: /usr/palm/applications/, $as$ $it$ $seems$ $that$ $is$ $where$ $it$ $sets$ $the$ $playlist$ $lengths$ $and$ $what$ $order$ $to$ $play$ $them$ $in$.

    I think I have gone as far as my current knowledge in this will allow, so any extra help will be greatly appreciated
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    well done for your work so far, I hope you guys can Get this sorted, I want it bad, I also want to be able to choose which folders/pics to be included, dont want filthy pics of my lass popping up when the in laws are round.
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    This would be a great addition.
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