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    If you try to browse to a website with a self-signed or expired SSL certificate, the browser prompts you with a warning (as expected) and provides you with the options "Trust Always, Trust Once, Don't Trust". If you select "Trust Always" it doesn't do as it should, and it will prompt you with the warning again after browsing to a few pages on that domain. Could this be fixed with a patch? (Or a patch to disable the warning all together)
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    Yeah, I'm having a similar problem. I would press "trust always" and a couple seconds later, the same screen would pop up. This would happen over and over again no matter how many times I press "trust always", and I've spent at least a good 5 minutes doing this.

    edit: This is on my Veer, btw.
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    Yes, i have this problem on My Touchpad (even if i add the cert to the trusted certs). I also have the issue that if you add a self signed cert to the cert store, although the browser no longer alerts me that the cert is not trusted, other application that use the SSL cert, don't trust the cert.

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