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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanwilson View Post
    I updated to the new Adobe Reader 10.3.406 and the PDF Reader v1.3 patch is no longer working. I didn't remove the patch prior to updating and when I tried reinstalling the PDF Reader v1.3 patch using the ipk file and webOS Quick Install, the patch won't install.
    This means that something related to the patched files was updated. I would wait for the dev to update the patch.
    The IPK only updates the AR app to use patched file dependencies instead of the original ones. So the original files are still in place- hence the update should work fine, but the patch could be broken.
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    Version 1.4 based on QO 10.3.406 has now been uploaded and the download link has been added to the patch thread original post here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rey_z View Post
    any idea if it is possible to add bookmark page function in the adobe reader?

    Support for bookmarks already presented in PDF file (ie Table of Content) is there ... it is just not enabled ...

    in PxxArea.jsjsjs, $end$ $of$ $OpenCallback$ $function$:

    //		setTimeout((enyo.fetchAppInfo().id==="") ? this.readToc.bind(this) : this.setCurrentPage.bind(this, 0), 0);
    		setTimeout(this.setCurrentPage.bind(this, Math.min(0, this.pages-1)), 0);
    and in PagesBookmarksToaster.jsjsjs
                                     components: [
                         {kind: "RadioGroup", components: [
                            {kind: "RadioButton", value: "pages", label: $L("Pages"), onclick: "showPages"},
                            {kind: "RadioButton", value: "bookmarks", label: $L("Bookmarks"), onclick: "showBookmarks"}
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    Is there any hope of a new 1.5 version that would have the bookmark TOC function enabled?
    I'm also in desperate need for hyperlinks inside the PDF file to be supported.

    Trying to use the Touchpad as a sheet music viewer and having page title as a bookmark rather than an unreadable thumbnail is much preferable.

    Thanks to all of you involved for your hard work!
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    The patched ipk including several new features and bug fixes is available for download. View the OP here for details and credits.
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    Just wanted to summarize my experience in hope it helps someone.

    I was running webOS 3.0.2 with the latest version of Adobe Reader. I have a standard set of patches and an overclocking kernel installed.

    I installed the 1.6.5 canon of PDF patches by putting the .ipk on the TP via USB, and opening it up in InternalzPro. Preware was opened automatically.

    After installing and rebooting, I got blank pages when opening up a PDF. I then re-installed (by opening the file in Internalz and clicking install in Preware; i didn't uninstall it first) and rebooted again, and it works now.

    Rendering speeds on higher quality modes is slower as expected, but good enough, and I appreciate the better quality.

    I read only the first and last pages of this and the other thread ("Investigation of poor PDF performance on Touchpad "), so forgive me if I'm repeating something.
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