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    I was trying to increase the size of the font (in text messenger) on my Pre- last night, (using the font patch) but it didn't seem to want to install.No big deal.
    I then hooked up my new Veer to install Impostah and forgot to delete the font patch sitting in Quick Install. When I installed Impostah it installed the font increase patch as well. The text is bigger (good thing) but it is gray instead of black (bad thing) so it is just as hard to read as before. Not that I really needed it but now it is on there.

    Question 1 - how can I uninstall the patch?
    Question 2 - could I somehow get the text to show up black instead of gray? (could be a great thing)
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    Tried to uninstall but the program isn't listed. Would require a complete format to do this I believe. Maybe I can just install another font patch to over write this one?

    Ok it now that I have gone online the text turns black. This is good....but the text is too bold. The size is great but it would be even better if the bold was turned off.(without my glasses it tends to blur a bit. ( I know, wha wha wha!)

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