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    Quite happy wth the QWERTZ layout but its been changed from the Pre to Pre3 so some of the umlauts have moved away from the Sym key to the Option. This makes typing a but unlogical as I have to use buth Sym and Option. Is it possible to change the layout so I can use just Sym key?

    I gladly give it a go myself if someone could point me in the right direction, not sure what to start with but is there perhaps a file that I just edit to change the layout?
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    You should check the various homebrew keyboard patches for non-supported languages. In webOS 2.1 two files needed to be changed and from what I know the same files still exist in Pre3.
    If you search this forum you will find a couple of threads.

    You mean you prefer to press SYM key and the tap the right letter?
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    how about changin the dollar to a pound sign.
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    I think you can do some of this with the meta doctor.

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