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    I'd like to have the option to choose between the front-facing and rear-facing camera in the camera app. Not only would it make a useful self-mirror, but there are times when taking pictures and video from that camera would be useful.

    There could be a little round button in the top right that said F or R, and you could change the camera with it. Or maybe a gesture.

    But definitely, front-camera capability for the Pre3 would be terrific, and especially loaded into the default camera app.
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    +1 i'm so vain it's almost not funny
    Seriously though, I like the idea if this, camera at the front is so under-used. it needs some lovin'
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    Yes! this should be a option within the touchpad and the Pre3!
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    Try PhotoMe in App Catalog for Pre3. It takes picture from Pre3's front camera.
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    there could be free version, too. like apllying it with a patch or something. because this should be a standart function. im curious why HP didnt added this function to the OS...

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