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    Hi there (first post here)
    Since there have been a few posts talking about this ... I am pitching in a bounty of 20USD (beer money ! ) to a dev who can cook up a patch to deal with the lack of functionality in the wireless keyboard.

    If anyone else want to join in then make your voices heard

    - Copy, Paste, Cut and Select All Ctrl C / V/ X/ A
    - arrows on the bluetooth keyboard to flip between cards


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    Yeah, I will contribute with 10 more
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    Suggest 'Hold card key down whilst using arrows to swipe cards left/right AND up!'


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    Would be great to see this functionality brought in. +1 from me too
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    I couldn't agree more. I got my BT keyboard last night and I was shocked that I couldn't do either of these! I would love a patch
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    dont leave out undo. Just lost alot of work without an undo function.
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    10 from me

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    20 here, I really want the arrow keys
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    Thanks all above .... but looks like no one seems interested in developing this type of Patch ....... please please
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    Bah still no keyboard shortcuts even in WebOS 3.0.4

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