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    I am setting up a new TP for someone. I updated to 3.0.2 first. I used WOSQI to load Preware. I am now using HP's App catalog and Preware to install things.

    I loaded the remove-clear-bookmarks-button patch. Then I tried to load the no-clear-history patch but it failed.

    I uninstalled remove-clear-bookmarks-button. Then no-clear-history installed. When I tried to reload remove-clear-bookmarks-button, it failed.

    It seems like I can't install both from Preware. I can try WOSQI later tonight to see if that's different.

    Has anyone else seen this? I haven't loaded a lot, but is something else causing this? I have the fail logs if that would help.

    Thanks everyone.
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    Just a quick update...

    It doesn't work with WOSQI either. So it isn't a Preware problem.
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    these patches obviously conflict. You have to wait until someone combines them or makes them adjustable in tweaks. You could try emailing the makers... Maybe donate to them. Until then, which matters more to you?
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    I wouldn't keep trying to get them both you'll only succeed in messing something up if you get anywhere with that.
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    eventually someone will make them work together I'm sure.
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    Removes the Clear Bookmarks button and Clear History button from the preferences screen of the browser app. It also disables swiping to delete an item in the history list.

    ***Make sure you don't have either of these patches installed before loading this patch***

    This converges both patches into one.

    Patch Creations from Jason Robitaille ( Remove clear bookmarks button from browser preferences) and my patch (No Clear History in Preferences and History List).

    If Jason Robitaille is okay with this I will submit to Preware in Future.
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    Thanks. You are very quick. It's getting late here so I'll install it in the morning.
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    Installed and worked, no problems.

    Thank you very much.
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    I miss the mega-patches that you could get for the Pre... I find myself having to choose between the browser patches instead of using a;ll of them. I guess I need to read up on how to make the changes manually...

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