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    Hi all folks,
    i would like to ask you if you can create a patch to avoid unwanted calls ...

    very often my phone in back bag of jeans or trousers has a little open slider, and it unlock itself, and it happens everything: call people, open apps, send sms, and all things, because screen is unlocked

    Can you create a patch to avoid open slide unlock the screen? i want it can be unlocked ONLY using power on/off button (which lights on screen, then unlock with touchscreen) or with silence button, but not with slider which in jeans it can open accidentally

    Thanks a lot
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    I requested this patch a few days ago:

    Good to hear that I'm not the only one with this problem. Would be really nice if someone had a solution!
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    i dont think at all you are the only one... There other friends i know hate too this behaviour. I'm just hating this palm due to some things, and this is one of the worst.... Calling colleagues or friends on saturday night only because in jeans on disco slide's phone often opens alone and call whatever he wants ... Is not a good thing!!!

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