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    Before I possibly get Flamed, I swear I have searched and searched to the best of my abilities . . .

    I'm running my Sprint Palm Pixi with a VZW radio board -

    Has something in Preware changed sometime over the past month or so? - I had to reflash my phone because of stability problems and now a whole slew of patches that I was previously enjoying are now listed as "unavailable" - preware lists 183 packages total.

    What happened???
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    for various versions of webOS they are:

    1) not needed (like naming launcher pages in 2.x)

    2) not possible (like 4x4 icons in 2.x)

    3) or haven't been updated by a homebrew developer.

    4) rolled in to a minor advanced patch

    which patches are you looking for?
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    Thankyou so much for responding

    The patches most imortant to me were related to phone use:

    "No Autodial from Call Log"
    "No Missed Call Callback"
    "Open to Call Log"
    "Power Button to End Calls"

    for calendar:

    "Default to Month View"

    . . . . is it just a matter of the developers not having gotten around to those silly patches yet?
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    * * * update Sun 09-18-2011 later in the afternoon after my initial post - Of Course! :-) * * *

    Of course AFTER I posted my question - apparently many of the patches of was concerned about were republished/updated - of course . . . :-)

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