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    I have the problem that I often accidentally open the slider in my pocket and thus unlock the screen lock. Are there any patches to prevent this? Sorry if there's already a thread on this but I couldn't find one.
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    +1 for this request from me.

    The unintentional unlocking in my pocket happens quite often and causes initiation and answering of calls as well as high battery drain.

    Unfortunately my Veer unlocks already when the slider is moved about 2-3 mm.
    It would be welcome to have a patch for solving this issue.

    Possible policies on slider would be:

    1. Don't unlock, but switch screen on for manual unlocking. Switch screen off again after 2 seconds.

    2. Ignore slider entirely (saving battery...)

    3. Screen on and/or unlock if
    A ) slider is open for more than 1 second or so, or
    B ) user hits the Space (or any other key), or
    C ) If the brightness sensor senses darkness and the proximity sensor senses proximity

    Some intelligent solution would be really cool :-)
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    There is a related discussion going on:
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    +1 from me, since my veer (german 2.1.1) would really need this patch ;-)

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    this is badly needed... Thx!
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    +2 yes please this would also fix the annoying turn on with magnetic case tripping the same keyboard slide sensor
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    +1 for me.... the amount of times I've pulled my phone from my pocket to see it doing a reboot/wipe is making it difficult to keep using this phone.
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    This patch + no_answer_on_slide.patch would be the most useful patches for me.
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    +1 for me and push.
    Just got my veer a few days ago and i really like it but the auto unlock while moving the slider is really annoying. I would be really happy about someone finding a way to deactivate this function.
    greetings from germany,
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    me2 please prep for 2.2.4 link requested in the appropriate forum...

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