I have been playing around with some of the Javascript files for the Browser application and have been having some success with some of the things I have been trying. One thing has been eluding me though is how to modify some of the queries it uses.

As an example when the Bookmarks list appears this involves the BrowserApp.jsjsjs, $BookmarksList$.$js$ $and$ $I$ $think$ $some$ $of$ $the$ $json$ $files$ $in$ $other$ $directories$. $However$ $I$ $have$ $not$ $been$ $able$ $to$ $change$ $the$ $order$ $of$ $the$ $query$ $to$ $say$ $order$ $on$ $the$ $title$ $field$. $I$ $have$ $used$ $the$ $format$ $orderBy$: &$quot$;$title$&$quot$; $in$ $various$ $places$ $that$ $refer$ $to$ $the$ $bookmarkServices$ $but$ $without$ $any$ $luck$.( $The$ $list$ $still$ $appears$ $but$ $the$ $order$ $is$ $the$ $same$ ).

Can anyone point me to what I should be doing or is it a lost cause.