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    I would like a patch that allows the touchpad to do more with the webOS bluetooth keyboard.

    I cant remember all the things that bothered me but here are a couple:

    - When in card view, the arrow keys should move the cards left and right and the enter key should allow you to select that card to bring it into full view.

    - When using just type, the arrow keys should allow you to move through the options that are displayed based on what you typed.

    - When in either advanced browser or the native browser there should be forward and back buttons (preferably using the arrow keys).

    I know i had more earlier but i cant remember them. Feel free to add suggestions and comment.
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    I'd love t be able to use the up and down arrow keys to scroll up and down a browser page. Lazy, but handy :P
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    yep, that would be good.
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    Great suggestion!

    Allowing scrolling in the browser is also a plus!

    Here's for hoping.

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